"Six months ago my 86-year-old mother suffered a right-sided stroke and as a result her coordination, locomotion, balance and vision were severely impaired.  She received excellent care in hospital and was fortunate to have six weeks in a rehabilitation unit.  Regular physiotherapy and occupational therapy proved of immense value in those initial weeks and enabled her to walk again.


However, we found there were long periods of time when my mother was not focused on improving and in particular there were substantial, long-term difficulties with memory and confusion.  


We decided as a family to try the Total Drama Technique to assist with her coordination, perception, memory and cognitive skills.  These activities proved of great value and she was able to start rebuilding cerebral connections.  This certainly aided the rehabilitation process.


We now use the Total Drama Technique on a day-to-day basis, practicing many of the activities at home.  Of particular joy to us is the smile on my mother’s face as she plays the games with us and does her brain training and movement.  I’m so grateful to the Total Drama Technique for giving me back my mother."


 Mrs R.                                                                                                       




"I would definitely recommend the
Total Drama Technique
to other organisations."


Deputy Manager, The Oaks Care Home



"I can't believe the difference in my mother!"


Jenny; daughter of dementia patient


"Very interesting; the residents really enjoyed it and would like to do it again."


Activities Coordinator, 
Summerhill Care Homes Group




The Total Drama Technique
Created by Alexander Dawson


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